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Part of getting BIA approval for the land is drumming up local support for the project, something that Bill Coyer, the president of the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce, wasn’t quite ready to do without having more questions answered.He and a contingent of other local leaders were planning a fact-finding trip to the reservation in February to learn more.After a lot of searching, he found some dusty deeds in an old courthouse book that hadn’t been opened in 150 years.The deeds and accompanying paperwork prove the tribe’s position. It was blatant theft, in spite of simple deeds in the courthouse.Stewart stayed behind and passed away in 1840, outliving her childless heirs.Per the treaty, the land was supposed to revert to the tribe, but the government simply took the land, which the Shawnee are trying to get back today.Meanwhile, the Shawnee have plans for the land if the BIA recognizes their claim.

But 168 acres adjacent to the reservation were owned by Stewart, the daughter of the storied Shawnee chief Blue Jacket.

Indian Lake High School, with its Native American mural outside, might be the closest thing to homage that the area pays to its past.

South of the school, farmland fans out in all directions, some of it marshy bottomland from the often overflowing Great Miami River.

But getting the government to recognize our position and what happened is red tape upon red tape,” Walker said.

The tribal members’ contention is that the land has always been theirs.

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But now this land could see a Native American nation officially return to Ohio for the first time, with the Shawnee reclaiming a tiny slice of their lost territory.

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