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However, the lack of medication caused Spinner's ADHD to go into overdrive during the game and he eventually moons the student body.

Both Jimmy and Spinner are penalized heavily for their actions.

Ironically, Emma and Manny each briefly had flings or romances with Jay and Spinner, respectively.

In the beginning of season one, Spinner takes a liking to Terri and asks for her geography notes as a means of asking her to the Starlight, Starbright Dance.

Additional friends of his include Terri Mac Gregor, Paige and Dylan Michalchuk, Hazel Aden, Ashley Kerwin, Ellie Nash, Sav Bhandari, Danny Van Zandt, Craig Manning, Peter Stone, Manny Santos, Lucas Valieri, and Holly J. He developed more into a jock in seasons two and three.

By season four, he had grown his hair long and started playing in a band with Craig, Jimmy and Marco and became a rocker/rebel and has kept the persona throughout the rest of the show.

Spinner (by everyone)Spin (by everyone)Spinner You Better Shut Your Mouth Mason (by Jimmy)Princess (by Sheila)The Dot Guy (by Declan)Honey Bee (by Paige)Fliphead (by Jay)Sticks (by Manny and Marco)Mr. Peace and Unity Committee (by Jimmy)Idiot Hero Guy (by Holly J.)Sasquatch (by J.

Their respective wife and girlfriend, Emma Nelson and Manny Santos, have been each other's closest friend since elementary school.

Several years later, in Degrassi Takes Manhattan, it is discovered that Spinner kept Emma's health project in his collection of objects that made him who he is.

When Toby began to get interested in a young Chinese girl named Kendra, Spinner asked him about her and it was revealed that Kendra was Spinner's adopted sister and he warned Toby to stay away from her.

He married Emma Nelson, a former classmate at Degrassi Community School, in the summer of 2008. Yorke in Never Gonna Give You Up, which they later resolved before his death.

He is best friends with Jimmy Brooks, Marco Del Rossi and Jay Hogart. He used to have an intense conflict with Johnny Di Marco. Spinner was originally depicted as the school bully in season one.

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