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The group taped some vocals and played unconventional instruments: Lennon on harpsichord, Mc Cartney on double bass, and Harrison playing a violin.

Ringo Starr was the only member to stick to his usual instrument. Because I knew the chords I played it on whatever it was, harpsichord.

Then, about three weeks before the programme, they sat down to write. This is an inspired song, because they wrote it for a worldwide programme and they really wanted to give the world a message. It is a wonderful, beautiful, spine-chilling record.

The Beatles were the natural choice to represent Britain, and they decided to compose a new song especially for the broadcast.

The song segues into a brief orchestral snippet from Good Night, accompanied by a snippet of dialogue from The Beatles' 1965 Christmas fan club recording.

The time got nearer and nearer and they still hadn't written anything.

La autoestima nos ayuda a sentirnos mucho mejor con nosotros mismos, lo que influye en nuestro comportamiento. ¿Sabes que cambiando tu forma de hablar, puedes producir cambios en las personas que te rodean?

¿Sabrías cómo decir las cosas para conseguir aquello que quieres?

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He pasado por muchas fases en mi vida y cada escalón, cada piedra, cada obstáculo y cada éxito han contribuido a dotarme la la experiencia necesaria para ayudarte ahora a ti.

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