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However, from the minute she saw the doll, I could tell she was captivated. With watery eyes and a sweet smile, Mummy looked up at me and said, "Well, I'll be darned." It was a tender moment.

She shows the doll to visitors -- pointing and saying, "The little girl." Mummy and her doll are living and loving in the moment.I've explained it to her, but she ignores me when I bring up the subject. Whatever my mom believes, Baby Doll has made a positive impact and has been more successful than I ever imagined.When I think about it, doll therapy makes perfect sense.When my mom's friend died recently, that left an empty space at the table for meals and an empty place in Mummy's life. Some sites suggest leaving the doll in a neutral location and have the person discover it for him or herself, although I'm not convinced this is always necessary.Once introduced, many Alzheimer's sufferers -- especially women, but some men as well -- will enjoy rocking and cuddling the doll and may even "adopt" it as their own.

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Baby Doll, as I call her, has reinforced something I already knew but had never put into words. We humans need love and kindness and we need to give it in return. Comfort to a woman who is nearing the end of her life.

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