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I did not chat, I let the letters come in to me first.. I sent letters to each of them and waited for a replies. Them, she sent a letter addressed to me, but in the middle she had a line with another guys name listed haha. But, again she came back and told me that other guys do write the girls letters but she meant this letter for me..after just over a month on the site, there were over 500 letters in my box. I took the first 300 and went through pictures first. After a few letters with each lady and various question for each, I found some truths, but also some lies as well. hmm thinking a good game player here making good money.Dating with Vladislava_Charm_2 22 y/o female, Sagittarius from Sumy, Ukraine for dating, romance, love and marriage on Women I found communicated with a few women to try and figure this out. Continuing on – I took 2 lady’s of different ages, one close to my age (49) and another one who is listed as 24. She told me she spent it with her family, because it was a special holiday there for them.. But she keeps coming back with excuse after excuse.

Maybe you are the one, so, please, read my description and recognize your kindred soul in me. I am very open and frank and I believe that the basis of a happy relationship is honesty, respect, understanding, ability to compromise and deep love.

There were many duplicate letters from the same ladys. Both did send personal pictures of themselves outside of the charm photo’s and I do know what they look like in real life ahead of time, because I did look them up. She had explained to me that most guys treat the girls like whores, by sending dirty pictures to them and so on.

These were all the same, word for word no differences at all. I did find a few from the same person and the letters were completely different. The younger one was caught in a few lies and I did call her on these. Well, kind of sounds like they are whoring without spreading the legs.. The young one wanted to chat with me on camera to show me she is real and ”. The older lady wants to video chat and we will see about that.

They were living in a place other than what was listed, but this was no real big deal. Another way to find the fakes, look at the number of letters you get daily. there are enough suckers out here with more money than brains it appears. Personally, I would say the 55% rating is high, but this is just me.

I tried to fall for it, but with my background the internet is not a good place to play. I found too many things that were not consistent, when conversing with just 2 lady’s on the site.

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