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A rebound relationship is a great way to move on, but there’s more to it too. # You may have been in a relationship for a long time, but when you finally step back into the dating scene, you may meet a lot of charming, cute and lovable dating potentials who are looking for someone just like you.

If you do want to meet someone and fill that void in your heart, meeting someone who makes your heart skip a beat is a great start to love and happiness.

You’ve been in a relationship long enough to read the signs of a bad lover or even a bad relationship.

By using your experiences in love, you may be able to find someone you actually end up falling in love with.

[Read: How to kiss a friend and get away with it] Every time you have a break up and feel good talking to an old crush or feel a tingle of excitement when you’re cuddling up with a crush or a friend that’s consoling you, it’s nothing but the first flicker of a rebound relationship.

You may not realize it or want to take it further, but it’s all the first few stages of a rebound relationship.

It happens all the time with consoling friends of the opposite sex who are attracted to each other, on chance meetings at a party and even when old crushes get in touch immediately after a break up for a feel-good call.But make it clear that you would love to spend more time together with your new date and are excited to go out with them.By making it clear that you’re genuinely interested in your new date and want to take things slow, it’ll help this new person in your life understand that you are looking for something serious and not just a rebound fling, which is one of the biggest concerns of dating immediately after a break up.You may feel happy and romantic, and your new date may wonder if you’re even serious about the whole thing.After all, this could just be a little fling to feel happy and get over the breakup.

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