Dating clues for the clueless

The letter sets the cat amongst the pidgins in Tony’s mind, for he can’t think why these may have been bequeathed to him.

And so he begins a special kind of journey into himself, misreading everyone along the way, including himself, untill the truth of the situation literally stumbles into him.

Or were you an unreliable witness in the first place?

This is a novel that plays with many literary ideas (the title is based on a work of literary theory by Frank Kermode) as well as some analytical philosophical ideas.

He introduces her to his friends and he then spends an uncomfortable weekend at her home meeting her condescending father and brother and her warm mother. It is at the other end of Tony’s life, that he receives a letter from a lawyers informing him that he has been left 500 pounds and Adrien’s diary in the will of Veronica’s mother.

Inevitably Tony and Veronica break up, and not long after, Tony receives a letter from Adrian asking for his blessing as he is now dating Veronica. In the years in between, Tony has married, had a child, lived a quiet life, divorced and carried on in a peaceful way.

In both novels the man at the centre of the narrative (in both cases the narrative is the internal monologue) has almost no ability to relate to the people around him.

Tony likes to think his interpretation of the world is based on his awareness of what his senses deliver.

And yet, even this analysis can’t always be trusted, particularly when dealt the harsh blow of ego infused time and its lies.

It also does not mean that you can not have a good and successful relationship with someone else. I can almost guarantee you if you offer to pay a woman will jump in and offer to split it. Men who have taken me out and made it a point to tell me not to expect them to “foot the bill” or that women “only want free drinks and dinners” did not last very long with me. We still want the guys in our lives to make us feel special.

Most women want things to be fair and equal and realize we are all trying to start over, raise our kids, etc. And trust me, what goes around comes right back around to you.

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