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She says that she felt that she couldn’t do her daily prayers in the house.I find it hard to believe that someone who worked alongside the down-home and earthy Reba Mc Entire for six seasons could be intolerant. ” When Loni confirmed that yes, chill means sex, he joked, “I mean, I’ve got three kids.” He went on to reveal that he’s rooting for La’Porsha on “American Idol,” before adding, “We’re going to go to the season finale… ” Watch the video, and tune in March 11 to see the full interview.

The nanny says Shahi whipped out pics of her lover’s junk, and said she wanted to “move on with her life” … Sarah, can you make sure Cozumel and Andy get to their playdate on time? Was he considered Sarah the nanny’s Christmas bonus? There’s dick out there that makes you sore and crazy.

Isn’t she a red-headed fount of goodwill from which to draw kindness and understanding?

I don’t know, to me, she just seems like a nice lady.

And just so you know, the guy I’ve been fucking around with behind my husband’s back is PACKING. TMZ says that Sarah the nanny quit after three years because she couldn’t take it anymore and is seeking damages “” Bringing another human being into your home on the daily to mind your children can be a dicey proposition (Hi Ben Affleck and Jen Garner! Especially if the nanny ends up being a freak or the couple in question does. That way you can act like a bizarre asshole around them and nobody gets hurt.

I’m talking like, he has to wrap it around his ankle.

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At the beginning of the series, Van was the high school quarterback and star of the football team, but ultimately ends up as Reba's business partner.

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  1. “And now every other member of the pack is mated, you’ve finally come calling to sink your claws into Stiles.”*When Derek and Stiles stumbled into a friends with benefits relationship purely by accident, they weren’t expecting it would one day save their asses when a threat from Derek’s past comes knocking.