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After medicine is swallowed, it must be absorbed into the blood so it can move throughout the body.

The process of absorbing, digesting, and excreting a medicine or food is called metabolism.

Using generic medicines rather than brand-name ones is often suggested as a way to save money.

For a larger overdose, call your local poison control center or emergency room right away unless you have other specific directions from your doctor.It is best used for partial-onset seizures, which begin in one area of the brain.Its effectiveness in controlling seizures has been extensively studied in careful scientific trials in great numbers of patients.In the United States, several companies sell generic phenytoin, in these forms: Capsules Two kinds of capsules of generic phenytoin are available in the United States: Products from different companies all contain the same kind of medicine, but check with the pharmacist or your doctor if you get pills that look different from the ones you have been taking. To use the liquid suspension, shake the bottle thoroughly just before measuring.You need to be careful because pills from a different company may not work the same way in your body. Use the same standard-size medicine spoon or dropper each time to get an accurate dose. Store the bottle at room temperature, between 68º and 77ºF (20°-25°C). It's OK to take any form of phenytoin either with food or without food, but be consistent day in and day out.

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