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Here for the first time, Worm Book and GENETICS co-publish an article.We wish to thank Tracey De Pellegrin, Ruth Isaacson, and Elizabeth De Stasio of GENETICS for their dedication to this collaboration, as well as Editor-in-Chief Mark Johnston for his support of the project.(D) Fluorescent image showing the nervous system labeled with a GFP reporter ( a powerful model of choice for eukaryotic genetic studies.

Second, animal populations can be frozen for years and revived when needed.

In adults, the two sexes can be distinguished by the wider girth and tapered tail of the hermaphrodite and slimmer girth and fan-shaped tail (black arrowhead) of the male.

Oocytes can be fertilized by sperm from the hermaphrodite or sperm obtained from males through mating.

Without food, the development of young larval stage animals is arrested.

As a result of entering this stasis, animals can survive for at least a month (often starved plates can be usefully kept for up to six months at 15°), and as stocks, they do not require constant feeding.

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