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Don’t be baffled by the type of people who whine, “You’re imposing your morality/religion on us! Divide the American body politic how you will, it’s hard to find any subdivision in which 100% of the members all hold the same moral principles in common, or agree on the best way to encode those principles in law. For instance, concerning the Great Western Atrocity, there are self-identified Catholics who are pro-abortion, and non-Catholics — even atheists and agnostics — who are anti-abortion.However, within the anti-abortion group are people who are either for or against the death penalty, people who are either for or against contraception, people who are either for or against torture — oops, excuse me, largely because he’s blinded himself to what he’s doing.There is real information out in the Internet among all the false and biased chazzerai; use the power of search engines to become a better-informed voter.Although that would seem to be a blindingly obvious observation, too often a candidate’s promises are treated as if he were running for Benevolent Dictator rather than president, senator, or congressman. Joe Schmuckatelli can advocate a 10% flat tax to his heart’s desire on the stump, if it gets his constituents to vote for him; once he takes his seat in the upper chamber, though, he may find it much harder to get his colleagues interested.

The end product is rarely if ever something that can be said establishes a particular religion.

Most parishes, however, will allow (and even encourage) couples to write the intercessions for their wedding.

According to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (#70), the series of intentions is to be: However, the General Instruction also provides for the intentions to "reflect more closely the particular occasion" during the Rite of Marriage.

Here we are, coming into the backstretch of the quadrennial presidential election cycle.

Of course, from here on out, you’re going to have your eyes and sensibilities assaulted by talking heads telling you for whom you should vote — or, at least, traducing and belittling every candidate but the ones they prefer. It doesn’t follow, however, that what they advise is always fully compatible with Catholic moral and social teaching, even when the head doing the talking belongs to a bishop or priest.

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