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The main purpose of Google Search is to hunt for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers, as opposed to other data, such as images or data contained in databases.It was originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997.Data about the frequency of use of search terms on Google can be openly inquired via Google Trends and have been shown to correlate with flu outbreaks and unemployment levels, and provide the information faster than traditional reporting methods and surveys.As of mid-2016, Google’s search engine has begun to rely on these deep neural networks.Hello, we’d like to address this issue with couple ways to do when one of your feeds is not updating.There are more scenarios, usually when the feeds it not updating, there might have been a change on the side of the website,blog,news site you follow.

Recently there is a new protocol called pubsubhubbub to make feed push to the listener. Here is a list of web services support real-time RSS pushing, including Google Reader, Blogger, Feed Burner, Friend Feed, My Space, etc. The reader re-fetches the RSS feed now and then (for example two times per hour, or more often if the reader learns that it's an often updated feed).Is there a reason for this or another tag I should put in my channel to make auto-updating happen faster or is that just the way g-reader works?The reason I'm asking is because I know that several sites I subscribe to auto-update immediately and frequently.My theory is that the ratio of good and bad (not found) pages seen by Googlebot was so bad, that Google decided to flag my site.I fired the outdated flickr plugin and installed another flickr gallery plugin called .

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