Intimidating women family feud

There was a total lunar eclipse on the day Donald Trump was born (June 14, 1946).

A total lunar eclipse is known as a "blood moon." The Bible prophesies that the moon will turn to blood before "the great and terrible day of the LORD." Most Christians are aware of the "budding of the fig tree" as a sign of the end times.

Not to mention that Donald Trump was born on a rare blood moon, and the Bible says that the moon will turn to blood before "the great and terrible day of the LORD." Donald Trump looks like a certain fallen angel ... And please consider the many very disturbing parallels between Donald Trump and Damien Thorn of the movies: the DT initials, both with six letters in each name, both Damien and Donald mean "one who rules/subdues," both fabulously rich via inheritances, both entitled pricks, both depraved, both liars speaking "great things" and blasphemies, both attending military academies, both with vast international business enterprises, both rising to political power by deceiving the masses, both buying real estate all over the globe, both ignoring conflicts of interest once in power, , both lacking human compassion and morality, both lacking any regard for God ...

Therefore we know that it is the last hour." (1 John ) Did Christians elect the Antichrist, making him president of the United States and putting him in charge of the world's biggest economy, most powerful military and nuclear codes?

Were the elect deceived, just as the ancient prophets warned they would be?

Trump, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Berlusconi and Other Fascists Is Donald J. Why does the number 666 keep turning up―over and over again―where Trump and his family are concerned, as documented extensively on this page?

Is this the face of a man we can trust, or is this a Deceiver: a con man, a snake oil salesman, a shaman? The connections will be explained in more detail below (and there are some truly startling and disturbing facts).

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