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In November of last year, an Iranian fleet sailed around Africa and entered the Atlantic Ocean.

Tamsin claims these moves are 'aimed at demonstrating the naval power and extending a message of peace and friendship'.

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Pictured: Iranian troops aboard a boat during naval maneuvers in 2011The semi-official news agency Tasnim reported: 'Speaking in his first press conference after taking the office, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said Iran's naval forces will soon go to the Atlantic Ocean, visit some South American countries, and wave the Iranian flag in the Gulf of Mexico.' Tasnim also reported that the navy's Separ missile-launching corvette will head to the Caspian Sea next week, where Khanzadi said Iran is hoping to spread peace.

The navy will launch its own airport in the city of Jask, right on the Gulf of Oman and guarding the entrance to the much-contested Persian Gulf, which Iran traditionally sees as its possession.

According to Newsweek, Iran said in 2014 it would send ships to the Gulf of Mexico to protest America's presence in the Persian Gulf.

Before then, the theocracy had offered to send help after the BP oil spill in 2010.

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