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You may need to make special adjustments to avoid having too much or too little taken from your paycheck.This is especially true if there is a significant salary change or you have a period of low-or-no income.Don't forget to consider making a late-year charitable donation of appreciated stock for significant tax savings.

That's compared with ,588.76 of the same amount of income invested after being taxed at the highest rate.The donation should be of long-term appreciated stock, not stock that has gone down in value compared to your purchase price.2.Long-term means that the stock needs to be held for more the 12 months3.Any investments in 401(k)s also are limited to a few choices set by your employer's retirement plan, so a limited number of conventional investment options in mutual funds is one of the trade-offs of using a 401(k).A fresh coat of paint and new office furnishings not only make your place of business more comfortable, they also provide another tax deduction.

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