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I am not talking about friends who hang out occasionally or share laughs together at work.I am not even talking about people who count on each other in a time of need.She thought that he was just a really great friend who was sharing some great insight with her on how she looked to men. You might be thinking that these are the very things that are wrong with us (and you might be right) but this is the way we are.On the other hand, many men mistakenly befriend the women that they are secretly in love with only to get hurt emotionally.Men and women operate in completely different paradigms.I recommend reading a book by John Gray called “Women are From Venus, Men are From Mars.” It helps to explain the differences in thinking between the sexes.

While emotions come naturally for women, sharing activity doesn’t, so a woman tends to only share activity with the man she wants.

While I am not so naïve as to believe that these types of friendship have never existed, I would be willing to bet that they are much less common that most people think.

Before I offend the entire readership of this blog, lets define “intimate but purely platonic friendships” for the sake of this article.

Everyone is familiar with a common way that women get hurt: a man sleeps with her and never calls.

While women get hurt by sharing something that is sacred to them, their sexual activity, men get hurt by sharing what is sacred to us, our emotional energy.

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I would assume that most people, especially women, agree with Sally and take for granted that they do exist.

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