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Despite "Miss Match's" missed mark, Daniels plans to give TV another shot.She's is in the planning stages of her own reality show to teach women to be better daters. I want someone to do that for me.' " Jan Yager, author of "125 Ways to Meet the Love of Your Life," said fear is the main reason people are reluctant to contact matchmakers, and she's glad that reality matchmaking shows are doing their part to ease that fear."But did you get to [be successful at work] because 'if it happens, it happens'? Think about it." In addition to educating viewers about how to find love and sustain healthy relationships, matchmaking shows have helped to eliminate the stigma often associated with hiring a matchmaker, said Stanger, who met her fiancé through her own service."Now it's not taboo to hire a matchmaker." she said.It's great having more clients, Stanger said, though there's more dross to sort through."We're on the map, everyone knows the brand, but it takes 30 to 45 guys until we find a real guy," she said.On the show, Ward works closely with single women who he says "need an objective third party to give them constructive feedback that can help them find what they're looking for." There are many people looking for answers, especially young people with nowhere else to turn, Ward said.

Stanger doled out more simplistic advice on other groups.(CNN) -- Thanks to a crop of how-to dating shows, such as Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker" and VH1's "Tough Love," more people are reaching out to matchmakers, making an age-old art fashionable again.Back in 19th-century Russia -- around the time of "Fiddler on the Roof" -- women dreaded visits from the village matchmaker and longed to choose their own men.When a caller said a lot of the men she'd been dating recently were telling her only what she wanted to hear, Stanger, who is Jewish, immediately asked, "Are they Jewish?" before proclaiming that "they lie." The caller then clarified that the guys she'd been dating weren't Jewish. They're quiet, they're at peace." "But the gay man," she went on, "they whip it out at eye lock!

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