Mutually validating

I sit here asking myself, “do I feel so dark I see no point to life?” Do I recognize that “regardless of my efforts, nothing can improve my situation so the only answer is to end it all.” Or am I constantly being bogged down and prevented from making any effort to discover happiness by my own misery and self loathing? I’m so ready to fight this overly glorified pathetic excuse for a life plan that I can barely contain myself.During a time that reports 12 suicide attempts per day in Utah alone, it is vitally crucial that the drastic measures I am taking to make even the slightest improvement in the prevention of those individuals’ demise be successful.

This is supported by the experimental results presented in this work, indicating that the index can indeed lead to a more satisfactory overall level of consensus.While I recognize not everyone has a belief in God, I also feel that regardless of who you are, He knows you.He loves you and if you seek his love he’ll show you.In addition, the mutual validation between the set of the parameters of the membership functions associated with labels by experts and the evaluation of the experts’ weights can be manifested in terms of the index.The extended collective decision matrix derived from the process of MAGDM that is used to construct case bases is more practical and effective than other approaches, as its elements are meaningful and interpretable.

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