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While Rare is known for Golden Eye and Banjo-Kazooie, it also gave birth to another franchise during the N64 generation--one that's essentially halfway between its two other popular games.Jet Force Gemini had the same focus on exploration and collection as the Banjo games, but also brought with it something neither Banjo nor Kazooie would have ever used: guns.Basically the game is a virtual amusement park ride where Pokemon are jumping out at you, though you have to work a little to make some of the rarer ones appear and allow you to capture them on celluloid.It came at just the right time as Poke fever was hitting its stride, and to this day its one of the best-looking Pokemon games.The games co-op was fantastic, too, even if it wasn't as fleshed out as it was in some other games.Beyond all of that, though, what the game had that many others didn't was originality.As the game's cosmetic component--drawn from the then-blockbusting Pokemon anime--will attest, this is a package designed with casual and younger players in mind.

But out of all the ones that did, Sin and Punishment was the best.

The N64 was the console that represented Nintendo during an awkward transition period for the gaming industry.

The SNES had delivered timeless classics but the nest-gen games started the move past 16-bit graphics and into 3D worlds.

Instead of just settling for karts, Diddy Kong Racing added planes and hovercrafts to the mix, with multilayered racetracks made to accommodate all of the different vehicles.

Though the racing might not have felt as balanced as in Mario Kart, Diddy still succeeded at karting greatness.

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