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Advice If you have become a victim of dating fraud, please report it to us via this form.Block the scammer’s email address and please report the matter to the police.They’re part of criminal gangs operating from Nigeria, Ghana, South-Africa, England, Spain, the United States or Malaysia.Recently, they have been joined by con artists from the East Asia and Eastern Europe.Grooming process Once the first contact has been made, the con artists will start pampering their victims with fake love, sweet-talking their way to their heart and their money. They’re very sophisticated and will go to great lengths to build a relationship with their victims, spending a lot of time communicating with them, trying to find out where their weaknesses lie.

Facebook users tend to be less on their guard when it comes to dating fraud as they hardly use the network to find a new partner.You might want to read the following tips first to avoid becoming a victim of dating fraud.Three stages Dating fraud essentially goes through three stages: first contact, the grooming process, crisis hits. First contact Who are these people who prey on unsuspecting victims looking for a new partner? Online dating romance scammers are often Nigerians, Ghanaians or East Europeans.Javvad Malik, security advocate at Alien Vault, said that these findings aren’t surprising, as alongside enticing people with money, employment or threats, love is a common vector cyber-criminals use to try and gain peoples trust to defraud them.“The problem for many dating sites is that their model is built upon having as many active profiles as possible to attract new customers.

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