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Do you identify with the 20-something year old player called Viktor Spicebombus who goes clubbing with an unbuttoned shirt and blazer, constantly trying new methods to pick up chicks? really really regret that I bought's not cheap though If this is what you designers created as an Extreme, i'm really disappointed.. A stronger tobacco note than the original Spicebomb.

It has a strong resemblance to the original, the DNA is definetely there and unmistakable. It's sweeter with the addition of vanilla and less spicy.I gave it a sniff and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Their reaction was better than normal, better than with Sauvage, Pure Malt, Eros and others. It's nice as well when you are well dressed at the office. Spicebomb has some kind of wood or maybe it is the leather that is a little stronger than I would like.corrected that in Spicebomb Extreme, now that note is toned down. The longevity of Extreme is better than regular Spicebomb.Both said it smelt like Christmas spices and reminded them of warm Christmas cake, but in a nice manly kind of way! All I care about is whether I enjoy a fragrance and whether it makes me smell amazing and gets me compliments (not just good but amazing) from my girlfriend and those around me. If you like warm, sweet with a hint of spice in your colder month fragrances? Fragrance -Spicebomb Extreme Viktor&Rolf Bottle from - 2016 It's very similar to the original Spicebomb,more elegant, more sophisticated,more classy,but in the end he is more or less the same beast. So, Spicebomb Extreme is a step ahead of regular Spicebomb...unfortunately, it is not enough for me to buy BOTH.It's spice comes from black pepper as opposed to the original, that got a lot of it's spice from cinnamon and a dash of pink pepper. They both have a tobacco note, that works well in both upon dry down.I'm glad to have both, Extreme has awesome longevity with great projection, as does the original. I will not repurchase this fragrance only because of performance issues.

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Fragrance SPICEBOMB EXTREME arrives on the market in 2015 as 50 and 90ml Eau d Parfum. Now the sweet vanilla dominates with a dash of cinnamon and some tobacco which is a lot nicer.

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