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I'm trying to gain an understanding of events and the order of execution...

The rendering of the Details View is largely customizable using templates and styles.

Value); Hashtable data Update = new Hashtable ; var x1 = data Update["User Name"]; // this is corrent new value from Request var x2 = (edit Item.

using (Entities entities = new Entities()) Admin Users List View. Data Source = _get Data List(); Admin Users List View.

Work around I am going to do: Programmatically fill in datasource's parameters and promatically invoke datasource's updating event. But I am so reluctant because with so many aspx I have written, I know ASP.

NET is smart enough to do it for me automatically !! Supplement information: Upon clicking Edit Item Template's update link button: Item Command event is triggered, then return and goes no further. This is my foresaid work around solution: programmatically fill in datasource's parameters, when apparently ASP. However, I am still appreciate if anyone can explain this problem.

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NET Site Finally, note that although the Details View is commonly used as an update and insert interface, it does not perform any input validation against the data source schema, nor does it provide any schematized user interface such as foreign key field drop-down lists or made-tomeasure edit templates for particular types of data.

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