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That didn’t work out, but Franco asked Simon then if he had other projects in development they might be able to work on together.Simon mentioned the kernel of an idea for a TV series about the old 42nd Street in New York and the birth of the porn industry.Or in some cases, just regular Off Broadway actors were involved in porn.There was an era before what we understand as the porn star.

“I love this book,” he told Vulture during an interview in Los Angeles in July.

What is it about this area for you as an artist that you want to keep exploring?

The other projects I’ve done that involve porn that I can think of off the top of my head are , which was just a weird little indie.

Cars in front of her moved ahead, but it was a few seconds before she looked up.

— A woman coasting in rush-hour traffic onto the Route 6-10 connector glanced down at a cellphone in her lap. Up," Officer Joseph Amoroso, in the SUV's passenger seat, narrated the woman's actions as Officer Frank Furtado drove...

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When [Michelle Mac Laren] was directing the pilot we established this way of working where, during rehearsal, I would rehearse it once as Vincent, and then we’d do it again and I’d rehearse it as Frankie so that Will could see how I was gonna play it as Frankie.

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