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One British victim was left suicidal by the abuse while an American girl said she was too scared to sleep.

Leighton first came to the police’s attention after a partner accused him of sexually assaulting her a nine-year-old daughter when he touched her inappropriately.

He blackmailed the teens to force them into ever more horrific acts.

Prosecutor Paul Reid told the court: ‘He said he had created 30 to 40 Facebook accounts and joined various teen chat groups on Facebook.‘He said this was to enable him to engage in chat with children and persuade them to send illegal images to him.‘In order to convince them he was himself a female child, he would send them illegal images which he had in his possession.‘He admitted he would search Facebook to identify friends and family of the child concerned, in order to be able to threaten to send the illegal images to their family if they did not send further photographs to him.’The FBI is expected to try to extradite Leighton for trial in the United States, and he also had victims in Canada and Australia.But in February 2015 he was bailed after claiming that he had just been tickling her.In March 2016 he was arrested again, but once again was let go.Attempting to mimic the stylish seafront hangouts of Miami and LA, it is a spacious area with two swimming pools, an alfresco bar and restaurant, and steps down to a semi-private beach.Room rates are competitive and you can easily bag a luxurious stay with a wallet-friendly price tag.

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Last but not least is the Games Room with pool and snooker (Bt100 per hour).

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