Sex dating in plover wisconsin

She is not a nice lady to have in your life and I'd highly recommend that you stay clear of her.

She has also taken away people's laundry rooms, which is breaking the lease.

I dont know her reaonsing, but she has a mind set of a little girl who throws tantrums in order to make herself feel better.

Rebecca also plays around with the rent prices and charges certain tenants more, for no reason. I hope this review helps you make the right decision. It is run down, but that isn't even the biggest issue. She constantly would call my roommates and I, yelling at us that we owe her money.

The only good part about living here is the proximity to the UW.

If you want a clean and friendly place to live I would recommend living somewhere else. I know for a fact that they often will just paint over things that need to be fixed and then blame the next tenants when the problem comes back.

And the worst part about it is the manager Rebecca.

She's the rudest, most inappropriate manager I've ever met.

This apartment complex is a long list of things but a good place to live is not one of them.

The sign clearly stated that the spot was for Vet, Disabled or State Disabled Card.

He has veteran plates and legally could park there.

If you catch her on a bad day she will be a complete B**** to you and have no problem doing it.

If you are a day late she will hound you about rent but I know for a FACT there are tenants that are 2-4 months late on rent and still live here. if you want to be treated like a human being who pays on time and is a good person don't live here.

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