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And then there was "Brilliant Disguise" -- no need for a long-distance dedication there, as Patti Scialfa came out for an up-close-and-personal duet.(While Patti also helped with this one at VH1 Storytellers, and she and Bruce joined U2 last month, this was her first guest spot of the D&D tour.) What's more, the stellar setlist was matched by the performance -- so as for that cold, Springsteen must have sweat it out in the day, because tonight he was riding through mansions of glory. A./Devils & Dust/Atlantic City/Long Time Comin'/Used Cars/Frankie*/Meeting Across the River*/Johnny 99/Ain't Got You/Brilliant Disguise (w/ Patti Scialfa)/Maria's Bed/Cautious Man/Reno/Two For the Road***/Drive All Night*/The Rising/Notes: We've all got Born to Run on the brain this week, and tonight -- the first show since the release of the 30th Anniversary box -- Bruce was right there too, treating the crowd to our namesake, "Backstreets." He dedicated the song, with a "happy anniversary," to Jon Landau.If you're looking for more concert details besides a listing of songs, be sure to check out Backstreets Magazine.The website was established in 1995 to help pass along the important news and setlists between issues; the magazine itself contains more in-depth coverage, with detailed information on each show, commentary, and concert photographs.

" The Two Bruces switched off on the grand piano, in probably the funniest bit of the tour.

This new venue -- a narrow, 6,000 seat hall -- had potential for a really intimate show, but a noisy crowd never quite settled down, despite Bruce's admonition early on: "I can get along without being cheered during the song -- I've been doing this for a while." Could've been the fact that the hall was part of a casnio complex -- which wasn't all bad, as it inspired an audible of "Roll of the Dice," a tour premiere.

"Lucky Town" was thrown in for good measure, "Fade Away" and "Meeting" returned, and "Santa Ana" was dedicated to "all of you obsessive-compulsives." Setlist: Into the Fire**/Born in the U. A./Devils & Dust/Lonesome Day/Long Time Comin'/Fade Away***/Meeting Across the River*/Johnny 99/Ain't Got You/All I'm Thinkin' About/One Step Up/Reno/Roll of the Dice***/Santa Ana*/Drive All Night* (w/ Clarence Clemons & Steve Van Zandt)/The Rising/he Born to Run celebration continues.

But when they're attached to rarities like these, who's complaining?

"Two For the Road" went out to Scott Greenstein and Sirius ("every artist's dream -- you turn on the radio, and all you hear is yourself"; "Used Cars" to Bruce's dad; "Frankie" to a father and son from Holland; "Drive All Night" by request from John to Maria (she got her "Bed" song, too; congrats, ya lovebirds).

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