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The darkness of space has real depth here, while the glistening white space station itself stayed sharp. Details are merely good, though, rather than great, with more action-oriented scenes losing some of their impact.

The stock colour balance errs on the cool side of neutral, though you can switch to the s RGB or DCI-P3 colour gamuts, or adjust the screen temperature manually on a sliding scale.

The default balance is probably the best middle-ground, even if things aren’t as deep or saturated as we’d like.

The 16MP primary sensor is paired with a secondary 20MP one, which combine together to give detail a boost.That means the One Plus 5 packs in the same 5.5in AMOLED display as last year, complete with the same 1080p resolution.That wouldn’t have felt like a major sacrifice in 2016, but with the competition making the leap to QHD (or even 4K), it’s beginning to feel decidedly old hat.MORE: Huawei P10 review Like its predecessor, the One Plus 5 is a spirited performer in terms of audio ability, if a little too energetic at times.It’s decent enough, but whether we were streaming a Spotify playlist or playing our test tracks directly from the phone’s storage, it didn’t take long to discover a lack of fine detail.

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