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Nick feigns illness to avoid going with his grandfather, who then leaves, but not before inadvertently swallowing his mini-relatives—van and all. Diane is wary of the overprotective computer, not realizing that F. Nick and Amy then try to switch Wayne, Diane, and Bianca's brain back to their correct bodies.Nick interprets Wayne's help message in the newspaper and realizing what has happened, rushes to his family's aid. While Wayne works on controlling the cloning of himself, one of his new selves takes his place at work, where Bianca becomes suspicious of his geniality.Unfortunately, she becomes a brain sucking vampire.Wayne finds out and goes after her to lure her home.The two of them get stuck at hyperspeed and must use another Szalinski invention to slow their molecules.Wayne accidentally blows up the mayor's car in front of the mayor which upsets Diane, who wants to run for the school board, so he goes back in time to redo things.

Secretary Tom Read-Wilson was left blushing by Calum's three-piece suit, and the viewers, well...

The series premiered on September 27, 1997 and ended on May 20, 2000 with 66 episodes spanning 3 seasons. While Wayne is in the past, he runs into teen-aged Diane and he figures out how to make up for both a forgotten wedding anniversary and a Time Hopper problem.

Currently, the series has been released on DVD in some regions. Wayne accidentally shrinks himself and his brother, Randy, who find themselves in little trouble when they are mistaken for Mc Donald's Happy Meal Toys and brought home to a young boy who happens to be a fan of Randy's TV show, 'Randy Rude: The Science Dude' (a parody of Bill Nye the Science Guy).

Wayne turns Amy's bicycle into a super speed mountain bike.

Amy goes on a bike ride through the woods, crashes, twists her ankle and finds refuge in a cave.

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