Updating blackberry desktop manager

23, 2017 MIT: shadowing packets through networks Mar. 14, 2015 UWP tech targets a small percentage of PCs Oct.

23, 2017 Huawei relies on SUSE for HR computing Mar. 14, 2015 Eo L for SQL Server 2005 is just six months away Oct.

6, 2015 US govt to sell 44,341 bitcoins at auction Oct.

7, 2015 Failure to erase data from discarded devices a growing issue Oct.

29, 2017 New variant of the Mirai malware is out Mar. 28, 2017 Apple's FS adds security to the i Phone Mar. 8, 2015 HP & others to release new open-source NOS Oct.

30, 2017 Extreme acquires Brocade's DC business Mar. 13, 2015 ARM launches new So C platform for developers Oct.

6, 2015 Edward Snowden has made no deal with Russia Oct. 31, 2017 Windows' subsystem for Linux July 25, 2017 Hackers target the German Bundestag Jul. 6, 2017 Lloyds Bank outsources cloud business June 5, 2017 Delays in updating OSs place users at risk Jun. 1, 2017 Oracle drags its feet on Java May 31, 2017 Web security attacks rise in 2017 May 31, 2017 Hold software makers accountable May 31, 2017 My SQL devs remove QC feature in the DB May 30, 2017 BA's IT systems down for a whole day May 25, 2017 Microsoft uses Git for its source code May 24, 2017 Chrome offers new deployment tools May 23, 2017 IBM, SAP work together on AI tech May 22, 2017 What's the speed limit on fibre? 8, 2015 Ashley Madison site had many security issues Sep. 8, 2015 Debian updates its Wheezy and Jessie OSs Sep. One of our advertising representatives will be in touch with you. 20, 2017 Oracle refocuses its storage array strategy July 18, 2017 Ransomware to cost firms over billion July 17, 2017 Facebook security issue discovered Jul. 12, 2017 Apple expands data centre in Guizhou June 23, 2017 Hackers in Russia are very busy June 20, 2017 The CERT advises system admins June 19, 2017 New banking malware variant discovered Jun. 15, 2017 The airline industry has IT issues June 15, 2017 Voice over LTE isn't safe Jun. 13, 2017 PCI 5 to debut in 2019 at higher speeds June 12, 2017 Tata leaked sensitive data from many banks June 8, 2017 Opposition grows over ISO 17025 compliance Jun. 24, 2017 Hacker arrested for the Kelihos botnet Apr. 9, 2015 Microsoft acquires security firm Adallom Sep. Inquire about advertising on the Wireless Industry News portal. 13, 2017 Io T device makers need better security Jul. 9, 2015 Ubuntu 15.10 is beginning to take shape Sep. 1, 2015 AMD offers GPU virt tech to workstations ADVERTISERS: The Wireless Industry News website is read by over 300,000 people involved in the field of wireless communications.28, 2017 New cyber espionage campaign targets Israel Apr.

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3, 2015 CSC settles with the US Dept of Defense Nov. 28, 2015 Microsoft releases preview of SQL Server 2016 Oct. 26, 2015 Big snafu crashes Google's container engine Oct.

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