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On the bright side, there’s a new parameter in the “Custom World” screen where you can set this limit up to 1024.This limit doesn’t apply to asteroids and grids (ships and stations).When deconstructing a block (using grinder) – you are actually separating components, layer by layer, and putting them to your backpack, therefore the integrity decreases (it can get decreased by damage as well, e.g.explosions, collisions, etc.) Please note that non-armor blocks don’t display damage yet – if they get zero integrity they just disappear.Sounds are not final yet, but they already emphasize the process. The development of survival mode started at the end of summer 2013 (you can see the welder in our first Space Engineers trailer).

This small change should improve the process of building new ships – they will appear more solid and will not fly away in case you suddenly bump to them. Your engineer has only two stats: energy and health.Last-moment change: please note that this will be added in a later update, we didn’t make it for the first survival update.Last-moment change: block repairs may not be very intuitive in this first version of survival – if you don’t see a block damaged or deformed and only its internal parameter “Integrity” is bellow 100%, you may easily miss it. There’s a limit on how many freely floating objects are allowed in the world (ingots, components, ore, etc.).When the limit is reached, the game will erase the “oldest object” - like a FIFO buffer.I understand that some of you will not like this but every object requires physics calculations and if we allow infinite numbers, your computers wouldn’t be able to simulate the game.

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