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I learned so much about the Deaf community — and how dirty sign language can be! It's like the filthiest language in the entire world. VM: When I heard about the Bay/Tank storyline I was very skeptical. I was like, this is probably not gonna go over well.

While we count down to tonight's winter premiere to see what's next for Bay's love life, Vanessa's sharing the top dating advice she wishes she could give her character. "It can be hard, but [taking a break from relationships to just be single] usually helps keep you level-headed," Vanessa explains. Rule #2: Forgive, But Don't Forget When Emmett cheated on Bay, she was crushed (rightfully so) and pretty damaged, but it's hard for her to let go. The amount of times people have come up to me and been like, "I love Austin & Ally! I also get, like, "I love you on Pretty Little Liars! They wrote in me riding a bicycle, which I thought I could do, I was under the impression I could do, and then I ran into our boom operator. It's the beginning of senior year, Bay thinks Ty cheated on her because she couldn't open up to him—and she's majorly stressing. When the show picks back up, Bay's going through a hard time and wants someone to be there for her, even if it's not going to be Ty.VM: That's a really hard question, because we're all just disgustingly close with one another. Well, I probably say "like" most often because I'm from the Valley. VM: I mean, how can you pick between any of the Housewives franchises?

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