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More than eighty percent agree that “being married is a very important goal for me,” and most would like to meet their future husband in college.

Unfortunately, there is almost a total absence of social norms to provide a relational structure that could actually lead to a healthy marriage. This is a troubling sign that our cultural is in serious disarray. Dating used to play a significant role in the courtship process.

They write: “If most college women name marriage as an important goal and most say they would like to meet their future husband at college, then we do them no favors by letting them sort out the pathway to marriage almost completely on their own.”I have some pastoral advice about all of this.

If it is becoming something more, the man should say what he is hoping it will become.The authors of the study find this confusing, but from the biblical point of view, it is a reminder that in romantic relationships, men are designed to lead.The authors rightly conclude that the current rules for dating are deeply destructive for women.This is because sex has entered the relationship at the wrong place—before marriage rather than after.Neither of these two kinds of “dating” involves anything like traditional courtship.

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