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But rather than eating the terrified slave, the duck merely asked Androcles to pull a thorn from his paw, or foot, or whatever.

Androcles complied, and he and the "lame duck" became fast friends, frequenting local bars and often sharing a cab home.

“So trying to make sure that I picked up some of those things, but at the same time being myself, because I never wanna try and mimic somebody else. I don’t wanna be the second Kurt Angle.” He also told The Sun just a few months ago that he hoped to work with Kurt Angle one day.

“It would be great to work with Kurt,” Jordan said. Also, his mind – the way he works in ring – it’s a thing of beauty. He was born in Tinley Park, Illinois in 1988, and his biological parents raised him along with his three brothers.

It’s amazing.” The Wrestling Observer recently reported that Jason Jordan only found out about the Kurt Angle twist last week. A big thank you to @joovy for the foocots and spoon baby walker. #itstrue #moana #joovy #joovyspoon ##joovyfoocot A post shared by Kurt Angle (@therealkurtangle) on Angle was married to Karen Smedley from 1988 through 2008, and they had two children, Kyra and Kody. A few years after Angle’s divorce, he married Giovanna Yannotti, with whom he has had three daughters: Giuliana, Sophia, and Nikoletta. Although not much information is known about Jason Jordan’s parents, there are some photos of them available, which you can see here.

I'm #Raw GM on Mondays, but Tuesdays-Sundays, I'm Daddy to my kiddos. But some fans have a theory that even within the WWE storyline, Angle and Jordan aren’t actually related and that Angle is being bamboozled.

Obviously, Kurt Angle is not really Jason Jordan’s father.

Unfortunately for her, it backfired, as Angle revealed the information himself and everyone was fine with it.

There were rumors for weeks that the Kurt Angle mystery was leading to the return of Stephanie Mc Mahon and a match between Kurt Angle and Triple H, and it’s possible that this is still true; it’s just more of a long term thing than we expected, and Stephanie Mc Mahon won’t reveal that Jason Jordan is not really Kurt Angle’s son until a few months down the line.

Dear Evan: I'm enclosing an article from a recent New York Magazine about a shop that recently opened in Manhattan called "Bob's Your Uncle," the name of which is also evidently a common British expression. I'm looking at the clipping you sent along and coming to the conclusion that we have far bigger problems around here than figuring out who "Bob" might be.

The writer of the article asked "ten different Brits" what the expression means and got ten different answers, ranging from "anything's possible" to "there you are." I'm hoping you can shed a little light on the question, and while you're at it, tell us who "Bob" is. According to the author, "Bob's Your Uncle" (the store) specializes in "unlikely stuff put together in unusual ways" -- specifically, "shirts on lamps, steel mesh on pillows, and pot scrubbers on picture frames." This sounds a great deal like the aftermath of some of the parties I threw in my youth.

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I never suspected there was a market for that mess. In any case, it is somewhat disturbing that "ten different Brits" didn't at least know what the phrase means.

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