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On Saturdays, after the yard work is done, the house cleaned, and the kids tucked in to bed after a dinner that came off the BBQ, my husband and I will share a pitcher of margaritas and sit outside.

Well, at least as far away as the kids' bedtime.

With just the dessert to eat, we don't feel the need to hurry and get home because "it's costing us a fortune– move, move, where's the check??

" We can relax and talk and know we'll only be out a small amount at the end of the night.

I'll read a book while he and the baby nap, and the big kids play nearby. Finally, sometimes it's easier to get a sitter on a Saturday morning than a Saturday night–so we'll go for a bike ride, maybe stop at the bakery.

We like to pick up dinner from a nice grocery store (like Central Market) so it feels like we're being "fancy" and I don't have lots of dishes to do later! Also, though this idea is one that involves going out, we are planning this for our 5 year anniversary this week– we'll eat dinner at home with the kids, put them to bed, get a sitter for an hour or two, and go to a local fancy restaurant for coffee and a dessert to split.

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